A transdisciplinary approach to

Augmentative and Alternative

Communication (AAC) that integrates

the sciences of speech language

pathology and applied behavior analysis.”

Sarah Fitta, Founder and Author of REAL AAC




REAL - Responsive and Effective Analysis of Language - is a systematic approach to evidence-based intervention and assessment procedures. It is primarily designed to support individuals with complex communication needs, benefitting from AAC, but can be implemented with any learner. 

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Ensure that the vocabulary you select is appropriate

The careful observation of an individual's behaviors helps inform what words are necessary.

When an individual reaches for an item, what does that tell us? What do they do with the item? These are data-informed questions that are embedded within REAL AAC's approach. 

Treatment Integrity

It is important that we support and implement AAC in similar ways across communication partners.

The formulaic nature of REAL AAC supports the integrity and consistency of treatment across communication partners. 

REAL Supports Communication Partners