What is 


REAL AAC is a transdisciplinary approach to AAC assessment and intervention that integrates the sciences of speech language pathology and applied behavior analysis. By providing tools to streamline the collection and analysis of internal evidence, REAL AAC strives to guide clinicians in the development of meaningful, effective programming that empowers individuals who use AAC.

REAL AAC  identifies an individual’s preferences and analyzes how one engages and interacts with items and activities. This aids in the identification of meaningful core and fringe vocabulary - the building blocks to language expansion and use of communicative  functions beyond requesting. Additionally, knowledge of individual preferences allows for thoughtful planning of motivating learning opportunities that are functional and meaningful for the individual. 

Why does 
it Work?

Through carefully detailed teaching procedures and evidence-based training and environmental arrangement, REAL AAC aims for consistent, effective implementation of AAC strategies across communication partners and contexts. REAL AAC lives up to its name in providing authentic communication programming that promotes independence and individual expression.

I finally feel like we are getting somewhere. REAL offers a really systematic and clear cut way of helping my son move from a pre-symbolic to symbolic communicator.”


Lisa, Parent


The overlap between the fields of behavior analysis and speech language pathology is essential to supporting individuals with complex communication needs.”


Jessica, BCBA


We love how REAL AAC enables us to really analyze a learner's language. By looking at what a learner does with a preferred item, and the ways in which the learner engages, we are able to really identify what vocabulary needs to be addressed using AAC. It enables us to better study the acquisition of core vocabulary.”

Hillary and Nerissa, co-Founders of Commūnicāre, LLC